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This page is all about the fun times Rich and Mona have riding around the island of Jamaica. Stay tuned for all the action! Richard and Miss Mona on the south coast of Jamaica.

Using a 175ccD/T and a 90cc scooter supplied to us by Gas Bike Rental Miss Mona and myself do a lot of road miles on this Irie Isle.
P.S: Make sure to drink plenty of liquids and use that sunscreen!

Goin' Left !

First thing you notice upon arrival to Jamaica, is that the traffic flow keeps to the left, something that takes the first timer a time to get used to. This is why it is good to have an experienced friend to help you keep on the proper side of the road .
Remember: always watch out fo' dem potholes mon !!



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Bigup fun mon!

Buddies of mine in all sizes visit with me in Ja. Here's Simo trying a 175d/t on for size. First time I ever saw him on anything other than a hawg.
Bikes in Jamaica come in all sizes from 50cc scooters to 650 low riders.
175cc D/T's are the most popular style and size.

I have seen 2 private big twins, but none that I know of for rent. Ask Gas, maybe he knows where to get one.


3 friends

Richard, Miss Mona, and the man himself, Gasford of Gas ( Gas Bike Rental )


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Respect and Cool Runnings from Richard and Mona at Gas Bike Riding in Ja